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CTM Publishing Inc is a new publishing imprint, based in Atlanta, Georgia — we don’t have offices so that we can focus all our money on effectively publishing and marketing more books.


We are dedicated to publishing working with Christian authors in all stages of their writing careers.

We are readers and writers ourselves and our aim is simple: to find and share fun, positive Christian stories with you and the world.




We are first and foremost, authors.  As such, we understand the energy, effort, and dedication that it takes to create your work and prepare it for publishing.  


CTM Publishing Inc is a Christian, independent, literary publisher.  We focus on Christian fiction and non-fiction and desire to provide a publishing resource for Christian writers from around the world. CTM Publishing was created and first started publishing in 2015 and re-organized in 2018.


In addition to individual books, CTM Publishing has also published collections, periodicals, articles and various short stories. Visit the collections and the periodical section for more information. 


CTM Publishing is a labor of passion that runs on the blood of authors and the love of readers around the world. Thanks for visiting.

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